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Stand your ground

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  • Stand your ground

    all Democratic candidates for governor want to suspend enforcement of this law, i watch then the other night to see what they are running on and it looks like gun control and higher taxes. well they are telling us ahead of time what they are going to do
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    Yes, they are. Anyone who is pro-freedom can't intelligently vote democrat..
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      Which is why the groups that DO vote Democrat show their ignorance AND stupidity........


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        Socialism is when you can vote in all the free stuff you want. Communism is when the government gives you what it wants too. Right now this country is on the brink of socialism. Few remember WW II or have never been taught about it in school. WW II was fought to stop socialism. Just remember one thing, Socialism turns to Communism everytime.

        Most of the so called democrats are truly Socialist Democrats today. The democrats today are not the same as the ones of days gone by.
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          Democratic Socialists = NAZI


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            https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2018/08/10/florida-dems-attempt-kill-stand-ground-fails/?utm_source=badaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign= nl

            Florida Dems Attempt To Kill ĎStand Your Groundí Fails

            As Iíve said before, Stand Your Ground laws shouldnít be controversial. All they do is remove any duty to retreat from a threat, allowing people to act faster in a self-defense situation as they donít have to look around to see if they can get away. It speeds up the decision-making process, thus saving lives.

            It doesnít excuse people shooting when itís not justified, and it never has.

            But that doesnít stop anti-gun Democrats from hating the law and working to repeal it. In Florida, they had their best chance to do just that. In the wake of a controversial shooting in Clearwater, Florida, Democrats in the state legislature thought it was their time.

            They were wrong.
            Florida Democratic lawmakers have failed to force the Republican-controlled Legislature to repeal the stateís contentious ďstand your ground law.Ē

            Democrats asked Secretary of State Ken Detzner to poll legislators on whether they would support holding a special session to amend or repeal the law. The law allows people to use deadly force without retreating if they believe they are in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm.

            The move required three-fifths of House and Senate members to vote yes.

            Honestly, from a political standpoint, this was a rookie mistake. You donít force a vote unless you can win it, and you should know you can win it otherwise.

            Now, all the pontificating in the world wonít change the fact that anti-gun lawmakers donít have the votes to change Floridaís gun laws. All they have are hopes and wishes, and everyone knows thatís not enough.

            Had they not tried to force the vote, they could have continued deluding the masses into thinking there was all this broad support for repealing the Stand Your Ground laws. They could have pretended that it was just a matter of time, maybe gin up more support in the public and potentially pressure lawmakers to side with them.

            But they didnít.

            Instead, they decided to grandstand, force a vote, and they lost. Now they have to rebuild political capital while having shown the world that they didnít have the support they thought they did.

            Meanwhile, itís a good thing they lost.

            Stand Your Ground laws get a lot of bad press, but they donít make anything legal that would otherwise be illegal except not requiring people to look to run away from an attack. The truth is, Stand Your Ground laws arenít just smart law, theyíre moral laws. They remove the onus on the victim of a violent crime to try and look for an out. People should be able to act to defend themselves without fear of prosecution because some DA somewhere says there was a way they could get away.

            Thatís what the laws do.

            A bad shoot is still a bad shoot. The law doesnít justify gunning someone down in cold blood. It doesnít justify using lethal force on a purse snatcher. It doesnít do anything of the sort.

            Instead, these laws are the victim of a media smear campaign designed to turn public sentiment against a law that almost no one outside of the firearm community seems to understand.


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