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Ban on Military-Style Firearms Initiative (2020) - Ballotpedia

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  • Ban on Military-Style Firearms Initiative (2020) - Ballotpedia

    Is this true? Why haven't we heard more about this?
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    lots of talk at the last IDPA shoot about it


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      Itís as real as a heart attack. Our state is filling with gun hating northerners as in NY and NJ. There coming for the low taxes. South Florida is filling up with these rats. Every city in the south of Fla would ban guns if they could. Never forget we are one election away from being a California or New Jersey. And if the Communists take the White House in 2020 or beyond we can kiss our guns goodby if we choose to surrender. Donít forget the Red Flag laws which are written after similar NAZI laws. I just read that the NRA is near bankruptcy due to Communist banks refusing to do business with any gun business. Personally I think the NRA was out of control with all the Chinese gifts and wine clubs and mailings every week. I say this as an endowment member. But we need em and the GOA and 2nd Amendment Foundation and even the JFPO.


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