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Thank Goodness It's October!!

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  • Thank Goodness It's October!!

    I, for one, am soooo happy that the cooler months are upon us. Hopefully, I can turn off the A/C soon and enjoy living in this great state! Does anyone have any special plans for fall/winter, like a hunting trip or a shooting event they are looking forward to?
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    I really hope I can make it home for the 2nd Sundays of the months to do the steel match at Titusville. It has been way too long.
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    • GSPKurt
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      Let me know ahead of time and I may be able to come out the night before and get a motel room in the area.

    • Brucewj
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      I just checked the website and it says the Steel Matches are cancelled until further notice. I am going to contact the Bruce that organizes it and see what I can find out.

    • GSPKurt
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    I spent a few hours at the Dade City Range on Tuesday, shooting pistol and it was cool in the early am but warmed up around 9:30 or so. Fantastic outdoor shooting weather with the low humidity.
    By 10am the place was packed with a waiting line to get on the pistol side.

    I did find out you can shoot the Mossberg Shockwave short barrel shotgun in the Balloon pit with a range officer in attendance. Intend to borrow one and do that one day.


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      Clay targets Tuesday AM were also excellent


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