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Help with the wife

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  • Help with the wife

    Hi my name is Emily, I live in Jacksonville, Fl, I am having a difficult time convincing my wife we need a gun mostly for me to have in the car at all times.
    I am a delivery driver for a living and there is a serial killer on the loose up here in Jacksonville killing women.
    I don't feel safe driving with out protection, my wife was in the military(navy), and was in combat and had to kill a few people since then she has never wanted to own a gun again.
    That said with me driving for a living a don't see much choice, so what do I do?

    also if this is the wrong place move it.

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    I don't know what to say, other than maybe find another job? If your wife truly has had to take another life, I would hope she understands what the outcome would have been had she NOT been armed.
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      She understands, she still has ptsd from the event that has not been unpacked


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        Sounds like you have a difficult situation. I pray she gets the help she needs. I wish I could be more help.
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          Hard situation. I hope you find the happy medium. I got nothing. If I need/want something, I discuss and go get it. If my wife needs/wants something, she discuss and go get it. If she does not harm me, I do not have an issue, the same way the other way around. I carry, she carries. I have toys and tools she has purses and shoes. Safety is paramount. We go together to the range and we event take our kid. Best of luck on the outcome.
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