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Back On Line Finally

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  • Back On Line Finally

    Thought I was going to go crazy without the internet and TV. Been offline for almost a week.

    I thought I could fix the problem myself and it took a few days to cry "uncle" and get some help from the folks at Frontier FiOS.

    My son set up this complicated system with two modem/routers, one acting as a bridge and 11 wires connecting to a workstation and a phone device. All into a color coded wall outlet with 9 ports.

    I bought a cool Netgear super duper router to get back on line. But, that didn't work. Messed with all the setup functions in the computer and the modem, all to no avail.

    Learned that 90%+ of the modem/routers sold in stores don't work with FiOS. Its a FibreOptic cable and the modem they use has to convert light to Ethernet, so you are stuck with their recommended modem/routers. They mailed me a new one and that took several days to receive. Then a hour of so on the phone and I am back in business.

    Now I have all the hookup maps and instructions, including passwords, etc written down and not in my sons head. The Frontier FiOS modem/Router had died and I shipped it back to them for burial.

    So I certainly appreciate having the service back up and running and suggest others to make sure you have all the wire connections in your home modem/router mapped out to make it easy to do a replacement in the event of a failure.

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    It stinks when your internet addiction gets interrupted.
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      I just moved and it was 4 days without TV (during the World up of all times!) Internet took over a week to get installed. Paying for 60 Mbps, but am getting 80, so speed is nice.


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        I am with Spectrum here on the right coast. I'll say their cost is on the high side but they are here the next day when I call them. I use their modem and they will just give you a new one if it fries. I have phone,internet, and the regular viewing package. Another thing their service people have all been very nice and will answer all your questions. My service has worked through most all hurricanes.
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