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which nickels, pennies, dimes, quarters to keep..

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  • which nickels, pennies, dimes, quarters to keep..

    ...saturday january 09. 2010..

    Rare U.S. Coins: Which Nickels, Pennies, Dimes & Quarters To Keep


    What's That Coin Worth?
    Just to pick a few of the rare coins that I, personally, have come across... here are some coins you'll want to hold onto:

    Wheat penny.

    * Wheat Pennies (...worth 2 to 5 times their face value)
    * Steel Pennies (...supposedly very common; all are from 1943 and they stick to a magnet; worth up to a dime)
    * Rare Indian Head Penny.1943 Copper Penny (...guess they primarily made steel pennies this year, making the standard copper penny rare for the year 1943; how does $20,000 sound?!)
    * Indian Head Penny (...who knew a penny could be worth up to 3 dollars?!)
    * Buffalo Nickel (...they're worth up to a dollar)

    Buffalo Nickel - front. Buffalo Nickel - back.

    What's Not Worth A Thing...

    * Pennies with the Lincoln Memorial (1959-present)
    * Your everyday Jefferson Nickel (1938-present)
    * Roosevelt Dimes (1965-present)
    * Washington Quarters -- even the bicentennial one (1965-present)
    * Susan B. Anthony Dollars (1979-1999) ...yes, my dad would be crushed!

    Susan B. Anthony coin.

    The Value Of My Coin Collection
    Our spare change jar -- an old Seyfert's Pretzels glass jar.A glance inside our spare change jar -- a bunch of pennies, a few buttons, and a couple golf tees. I don't golf, and Jim hasn't golfed in YEARS... yet all my life, there's always been a golf tee that finds its way into my spare change jar! Turns out, my 1974 dirty silver nickel is worth a whopping... 5 cents.

    But I still felt the urge to rummage through all those old coins I've been saving through the years! I mean, what are the odds that I could be sitting on something of value?

    how-much-are-coins-in-a-jar-worth.jpg Fun, fun, fun!...

    You can use this online tool from CoinStar to find out how much your jar of coins is worth! (Or try these.)

    Okay, after a quick search here, this is what I found... It's not much, but the maximum value of my coin collection at this point looks to be around 3 dollars and 10 cents. That's from:

    * (2) 1964 silver Roosevelt Jefferson nickels (5x face value = $.25 ea)
    * (2) 1959 silver Roosevelt Jefferson nickels (5x face value = $.25 ea)
    * (1) 1943 mercury dime (10x face value = $1.00 ea)
    * (22) 1939-1958 wheat pennies (5x face value = $.05 ea)

    -silver composition in 1964 and contained a 40% silver composition from 1965 through 1970. If any of those half dollars are from these dates, they already are worth more than face value.

    .................................................. .................................................. ....................

    yeap.....and that's the way it is..........


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    Guess I need to start looking at my pocket change a little closer...

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