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Long Ranges in Florida

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  • Long Ranges in Florida

    Where are some of the longer rifle ranges in Florida? Very curious if there is a 1000yd one around. Can be public or pay - I'll try and keep the original post updated.

    Bradford Sportsmen's Farm - 600yd - Pay ($200/year, no day passes) - Google Maps link - Website
    Gainesville Target Range - 100yd - Pay ($250/person/year, day passes available) - Google Maps link - Website
    Ocala Shooting Range - 100yd - Public (free) - Google Maps link - Website - Brochure
    Osceola Shooting Range - 200yd - Public (free) - Google Maps link - Brochure
    Fort White Gun Club - 100yd (anyone confirm?) - Pay ($65/person/year, no day passes) - Google Maps link - Website
    Manatee Gun & Archery Club - 1000yrd - Pay ($18/person/day, $23/person/day for 1000yd) - Google Maps link - Website
    Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club - 1000yd - Pay ($300/year, NRA membership required, some day passes) - Google Maps link - Website

    Hunting Navigator has a large listing, but it is incomplete and some of the info is outdated. Still, another resource.
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    There's a 500+ yard range somewhere near ocala, private. They do Appleseed shoots there.
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      Good idea, I'll stick the thread.
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        Hendry County Sheriff's Gun Range
        the rifle side is 200 yards
        the pistol side is marked at 12,25,50 and the very far extreme edge is 64 yards
        they offer trap an skeet as well on the other edge of the property
        it is out doors so plan accordingly with weather in mind
        member ship is NOT required but it helps the rates
        yearly member ship is $55.00
        non member fee to shoot is $10.00 (includes paper target)
        member fee is $3.00
        open to the public on Wednesday and Saturday till 3:00pm.


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          Seminole County Gun and Archery Association in Geneva, FL (NE of Orlando) has 50, 100, 200 and 300 yard rifle ranges. Metal gongs on the 100 and 300 yard ranges. Also has a plinking range, various pistol up to 50 yards, and a 200 yard competition rifle range. Club is private club. Cost: $120/year.


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            There's the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club, just East of OIA. It's got up to a 300yd range and I think they raised their membership dues to around $300, this year.


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              Eustis Gun Club has 25 50 100 & 200 yard rifle ranges. Also there are 4 pistol ranges and skeet and trap ranges plus a 50 & 25 yard 22cal range that is rifle or pistol. Cost is $160/yr and must be an NRA member. I forgot they also have a cowboy shooting range. Very safe and friendly place to shoot and meet other gun friendly people.


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                There's a 1000 yard range in Myaka. Google map it, its pretty awesome.
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                  Correction to Bradford - it is now 850 yards, and you can pay by the day


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                    Volusia County Gun & Hunt club has regular bays and the long ranges are 100, 200, 300, and 1000.
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                      Info on Ocala National Forest Shooting Range. This is a small range East of Ocala off SR 40 on Forest Road 88.

                      12 stations rifle/pistol, 4 benchrest, 8 freestyle. Target stands at 15, 25, 50 & 100 yards. Firing area is covered and there is bench seating behind the firing line.

                      2 station shotgun line. Hand thrown clays or your machine. Covered shooting area with bench seating.

                      There is a two hole outhouse, no running water.

                      This is an unmanned range. Range Rules are printed on a 4x8 plywood sign. Most people behave themselves. We always go in at least pairs. One puts out targets while one watches the firing line. It's amazing how many people think it's OK for THEM to play with their firearms while I go down range. However, they seem to shy on the idea of ME playing with my gun while THEY go down range.

                      They rebuild the target frames and backing and other maintenance on Wednesdays so the range is closed in the morning.

                      Hope this is helpful.


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                        Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club
                        They have a 600 yard rifle range.
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                          I have been looking at 2 ranges online.
                          Palm Beach County Long Arms Shooting Range. This is long guns only.
                          Okeechobee Shooting Sports. This has everything from handguns to machine guns.


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