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New Range in Naples

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  • New Range in Naples

    Supposed to be opening this Friday. I'll stop by Saturday and give a more complete report, in the meantime:



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    I was wondering when this would open. I checked their website and I have a couple of concerns. They list membership rates but no daily range fees. They must have them because Wednesdays are half price for seniors. The other concern is their "green" requirement. All ammo must be marked "leadfree". You can buy theirs, if necessary. I'll have to do some research on leadfree ammo. I've never seen it in a gun shop and certainly won't find it anywhere today. I'll have to check out the place this week-end.


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      I've never seen lead free ammo in Florida, it's the only thing available (I believe) in California. It doesn't make much difference, there's no ammo anywhere anyway.

      I have similar questions and plan on finding out Saturday.



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        We stopped by the range for a few minutes yesterday. They were fairly busy with other lookers. It's better than I thought. The lead free ammo is $23 a 50 round box of 9mm. Range fee is $15 an hour plus $7.50 for a second person sharing a lane. The lead free thing is because it is an old building and the air conditioning can't handle the air changes necessary with regular ammo. We'll give it a try in a week or so.


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