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Steak and Clays on January 7th. Tampa Bay Sporting Clays

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    Well, as usual, we had an awesome time. Mr. Sir was there, as was Just Dave, sig232 and Mountain Man, too!
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      So where are all the pictures and videos for the folks that couldn't make it?


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        Well, I guess we were too busy ribbing each other to take video! We also were eager to EAT STEAKS! On the way back, we stopped off at the Crazy Clays which was part of the event. On an elevated platform, the 5 of us got 30 clays from 8 stations in quick succession with brief 6 second pauses to reload and keep firing. So, you each sort of take a zone defense of trying to shoot any clays in your zone and try to avoid have two guys shoot at the same clay. To hear 5 shotguns going off in rapid succession or at the same time was pretty wild. They are suppose to count the misses but I didn't ask what the final count was but it was a **** of allot of fun!
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          Had a great time. The crazy clays were a hoot to shoot.

          Thanks Kurt for loaning me that super Berreta O/U shotgun it makes it hard to go back and pick up my ole 870 Rem. Like comparing a Vega to a Corvette.

          The food was superb and the company fun as usual.

          Missed you Nick. Hope you can make it next time.



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            Hey if you ever have a salad and clays shoot I'm in!!! trying to lose some weight Lol. would like to have been there with you guys


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              So which course did you guys shoot?


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                The easy one, of course!
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