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Help finding a range(still new to FL)

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  • Help finding a range(still new to FL)

    Ok so Ive been looking around and I thought I asked this about a year ago. I couldnt find that post though.

    Im still somewhat new to FL. Ive been here a year and a half but I dont know much outside Orlando. Im looking for an outdoor range. Hoping to find one like I had in MD(oddly MD had an amazing range, actually leading the fight for MD's gun rights)

    Anyway, I have a few things Im looking for in a range:
    1. Rapid fire allowed
    2. Long hours, 7 days a week. (I'm used to a range that was open from about sunrise to sunset, only closed on some holidays)
    3. Atleast 200 yards

    I dont mind driving a distance. I used to drive 45 minutes to my old range. Id drive an hour and a half for the right place to shoot. I live right outside Disney.

    Im also hoping to find a place thats relaxed with rules. I dont mind rules, and I'm all for safety, but I don't want to deal with range nazi's. I hope you all understand what I mean with that.

    So far Osceola shooting range has caught my eye but it is 2.5 hours away, which is pushing it. May not be able to go as often as I would like.

    Im hoping to get a house in the somewhat near future where I can shoot on my own property. So until then, I gotta find somewhere to shoot.

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    My range is the one located in Dade City on route 52 and it has a max rifle range of 100 yards. Open from 9 to 4pm. No rapid fire due to proximity of neighbors. Closed on Thursday for maintenance.


    I am sure Hernando on the gulf coast would fit the bill but its a ways out there for you I imagine. Sorry not much help for your area.


    Titusville has a nice range and a fun steel shoot.



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      Seminole County Gun and Archery has a 300yd rifle range, open to members daylight hours 7 days a week, has a "plinking" range that allows rapid fire.


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        Manatee gun club has all you want. Good drive from your location though. http://www.manateegunclub.com/

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          Ok so far Titusville, Manatee, and possibly Hernando look good. Im off Wednesday and Thursday, maybe moving to Tues-Wed soon. But weekends are a no go. Which I like, because everyone else is off on the weekends. Durring the week, my old range was dead, and I loved it lol.


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