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Phoenix Gun Club, Brooksville

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  • Phoenix Gun Club, Brooksville

    Has anyone ever been to this place? My bug guy was telling me about it and it sound kind of the same set up as Ft. White but I am not sure. Gonna check it out soon.

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    I am not impressed by their web site. There is no information on the facilities itself I could see...pistol versus rifle or distances? The membership is a family membership at $200 annual or $10 a visit...nothing in between? Also, the calendar shows many short hours of operation on Saturdays and many closed maintenance day. I am sure it would be fun but for me to drive 60 miles for that versus 43 miles for the known quantity of Dade city with a much cheaper annual membership for guys like me who don't need a family membership. Just my opinion of what I read. Thanks for posting the info...I didn't know about them.
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      Website does suck and hours look weird. Clay shoots caught my eye and wondering what they are doing be it 5 stand, skeet or what. Place is only 15 minutes from me so I was just wondering if anyone had ever been.

      "If guns cause crime, all mine are defective." ~ Ted Nugent


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        I have sent them an email asking them to answer your questions. I will respond if they do.
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          I received a response from the President of the Phoenix Gun Club.

          He wrote-

          Hi Kurt, thanks for your note:

          re. Phoenix Gun Club
          Phoenix is a very small range operated by Phoenix Gun Club, Inc. a non-profit run by volunteer Range Officers. As most of you picked up from our website we are only open about 12 to 15 hours a week. No elect service, no water - about all we provide is a nice pole barn for shade and a porto potty, but the range is in a beautiful country location just East of Brooksville.
          25, 50 and 100 yard berms with 10, 10, and 6 lanes respectively. Our “Clay Shoot” is not Trap or Skeet - we just roll out an electric trap thrower (2 if both happen to be working at the same time) and have some fun breaking clay. Each participant shoots a total of 50 clays during the event. Scoring rules change from time to time depending on the whim of the RO.
          The above is a bit of an undersell but accurate, most of our members are from close by and provide us with strong financial support. Our objective is to keep them happy and support our community.
          Hal Sweeney
          President (and more importantly, a Phoenix Range Officer)
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            Sounds like my kind of place.

            "If guns cause crime, all mine are defective." ~ Ted Nugent


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