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  • TBSC Pictures

    Got out early Sunday with the Guy's to get some Clay shooting in. Got to shoot a bunch of new guns, and kill some clays, did pretty well with the New Benelli. Shot the New to me Browning Centori I picked up as well, and of course I shot Daves New Beauty the FN.

    I think we all did pretty good today, Scott had a little hiccup with his Remington 1100, we think he dropped a primer into the receiver which was hanging up his trigger. No problem as I had the extra gun and Scott did real well with the old Browning.

    Great weather good turn out, Me, Kevin, Dave, Lee, Scott, Bret, oh and that **** Pig who followed us around thru out the course. I really think he has an affection for Scott...lol

    The Benelli is like driving a Ferrari, I know I will be getting much better at clays because of this gun, it is truly a pleasure to shoot. There is little to no recoil and the action is very quick and effortless, I know I bought this gun on looks and impulse, but it is well oiled machine !!

    Here are a few pictures and a short video of todays fun !!


    Eye Candy

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    Good Day @ TBSC Post the pictures if u got them


    • Just Dave
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      Lol, had to be That Video huh? I did not know you had that on film. I should have connected by brain to my body better.

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    Great pictures Nick.

    It was indeed a fun time at the range this am. The place was a swamp but the roads were in decent shape and we manged to walk around the water traps and get on the shooting stands with no problems.

    That **** pig followed me into the bathroom first thing in the am and manged to close the blocked door with the lights out. I was just glad she had selected Scott as a mate instead of me and I managed to slip out of the potty safely and back to the office.
    The pig continued to harass Scott by nibbling on his leg and shoe until we kicked it a few times to get it to move on. It then followed us throughout the course until the range officer coaxed it to follow his golf cart back to the clubhouse area.

    Your new shotgun was quite a prize, light and hardly any recoil. Very purdy too! A shooter to be sure, thanks for letting me give it a try. I found the O/U browning to fit me like a glove, as it did Scott and loved it too.
    Daves new FN was also a beauty with its blue laminated stock and O/U action. It is a shooter also and Dave was doing quite well with it his first time out.

    My old Rem 870 pump is the ugly stepchild of the gun collage, but it ran very well after a few adjustments with the dremel and a good polishing of the chamber with steel wool. Once I get the trigger pull down to a more reasonable 3+ lb it will do even better.

    Thanks to the group that showed up this morning for their great conversation, light hearted joking and excellent shooting. Sure is fun when you have a circle of friends to enjoy a few hours at the range.

    I look forward to the Low Boil Dinner Event on Thursday and hope you all can manage to adjust your busy schedules to attend.


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      Yes, that pig was harassing me! But hey, she knows a love machine when she sees it (or she smelled a meal)! Well I had a fantastic time to. My own problems led me to shooting a different gun all day. Nick was nice enough to let me shoot his Browning Citori he recently bought. My Remington 11-87 Premiere Trap had problems on the first shot. Well, not the gun so much as my reload. A primer popped out and disappeared into the action rendering the gun to nothing more than a big metal club! The rest of my reloads were fine all day...3 boxes worth so I will just count this as a fluke. Below shows what I found as I took the trigger out. However, making lemonade from Lemons was getting to shoot the Citori as well as the new FN and Bernelli!!! Both beautiful guns but Dave's FN fit me a little better in the stock length. I could get use to the Citori and attempted to hide it in my trunk but I couldn't get away with it. Afterwards a quick trip over toe Dade City for me to test out the Bersa I just bought. I put 100 rounds thru it. It shot flawless but I will need to drift the rear sight a little to get it on dead center. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday and the weather was excellent! My thanks to Lee as well for meeting me for breakfast. A great way to start the day!

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      • GSPKurt
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        Geez! A LIVE primer!!

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      Good to see all you guys having a good time. I sure don't like that live primer there Scott but at least it didn't ruin your day thanks to Nick.
      The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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        You guys are making me homesick. Enjoyed the pics!


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          Great Day! Nicks new Benelli is an amazing piece of engineering. Definitely not your grandads auto 5.

          I was trying to catch smoke with these pics thus the reason they all look the same. Nicks was the only one that I was able to capture.

          "If guns cause crime, all mine are defective." ~ Ted Nugent


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            man some people have all of the fun me i work to much


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