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April Burgers and Bullets at Tampa Bay, and more

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  • April Burgers and Bullets at Tampa Bay, and more

    April 13th, $45 for 50 targets, build your own burger, cart, etc., etc.

    Tuesdays are free cart rentals
    G.R.I.T. Tactical Shotgun Course Day!

    SATURDAY APRIL 22 @ 9AM **Space Is Limited**
    This course is designed to teach introductory fundamentals and tactics needed to effectively utilize a shotgun in a close quarters, self-defense situation. Topics covered will include: shooting and moving, ammunition selection, tactical reloading, use of cover, engaging multiple threats, and much more.

    Duration: 3 Hours
    Round Count: 70 Birdshot Shells
    Click The Photo To Register!
    Or Call (844)357-GRIT

    Get Your CCW AT TBSC! April 30th!

    @9am Space is Limited Please Call (844) 357- GRIT

    Plus some various charity shoots for good causes

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    Dang it. Going to out of town for this one too. They should check with me before setting the dates!

    "If guns cause crime, all mine are defective." ~ Ted Nugent


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