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Remember to register for the BlackJack Grand Opening!

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  • Remember to register for the BlackJack Grand Opening!

    Just a reminder from the club owner to me to let everyone know to register for the shoot - even if you do not normally shoot registered NSCA targets. WWW.SCORINGPRO.COM

    This will make you eligible for the prizes and giveaways and help then with numbers for food, etc.

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    UPDATE - Paving is ongoing and should be finished soon. Machines are out on the courses; balance of station stands to be finished this weekend; clubhouse is finished


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      Latest update

      • Course open from 9am-3pm
      • Orange Course will be shot for score and a handicap system will be used to distinguish between any NSCA, sportsman, recreational, and first-time shooters for the prizes.
      • All targets shot will be $0.35 including Fun Shoot.
      • Onsite food vendors available
      • ScoringPRO will be utilized for reserving golf cart and gun rentals.

      Only pre-registered participants will be eligible for giveaway prizes;
      • Tri Star Setter 12 gauge
      • Tri Star Setter 20 gauge
      • Smith and Wesson SD9VE 9mm
      • Smith and Wesson BG 380
      • Ruger LCP 380
      • Several cases of ammo
      • Safari Charlie gun oil
      • 2 Individual Memberships
      • 1 Family Membership
      • 500 targets on account
      • Merchandise items including hats, shirts, towels


      OVER 211 SIGNED UP!!


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        I am unable to participate in this, unfortunately.
        Go, Trump, Go!


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          I'm signed up.
          It looks like a lot of folks are going to attend.
          A lot of folks.

          I hope I get to shoot..
          Confidence is low.


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            Why is that? I have attended shoots with over 1000 shooters - if you don't screw around, have your ammo ready, know when it is your turn before going "oops, I need ammo and to change my chokes" then all will be fine..........and if there are a few opening glitches, so what? You're there to spend the day having some fun - if you're going there with a sour attitude, do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and wait to shoot another day. A friend and I have had the opportunity to propose a lot of things to help this club go forward with a bang - let's see how it all turns out before bad-mouthing it


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