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NEXGEN2 Defense Introduces Zero Back-Pressure Suppression

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  • NEXGEN2 Defense Introduces Zero Back-Pressure Suppression

    Reposted with permission from The Outdoor Wire-

    If this does what it claims, it will be a game-changer for suppressors.

    NEXGEN2 Defense™ Introduces Zero Back-Pressure Suppression™. The MAXFLO 3D™ with Advanced Flow Dynamics™

    Draper, UT – NEXGEN2 Defense (NG2) has brought new suppression technology to the market with their MAXFLO 3D™. Utilizing the company's "Advanced Flow Dynamics™ (AFD)" Zero Back-Pressure Suppression™ technology. The MAXFLO 3D rewrites the rules in firearms suppression. Rather than start with existing designs, NG2 erased the template and started from scratch. The result changes the game in firearms suppression. The MAXFLO 3D™ virtually eliminates all of the major issues common with firearms suppressors, back-pressure, first round "pop" and flash, accuracy robbing turbulence, recoil, excessive heat buildup, and more. All while maintaining hearing-safe levels of sound suppression across a wide variety of weapons systems and calibers. Quiet, soft-shooting, light-weight, strong, and user-serviceable, the MAXFLO 3D™ has it all.

    The MAXFLO 3D's™ AFD™ suppression technology brings firearms suppressors into the next generation. Removing back pressure allows semi-automatic rifles to operate properly with no increased bolt speed, timing interruptions or increased recoil. Bolt rifles experience no increased bolt lift with consistent recoil reduction including the first round. Reducing excess gas keeps actions clean and free of excess carbon and debris. Cleaner magazines and ammunition ensures proper functioning. Shooters no longer endure excess gas in their face, keeping them on target without distraction or long term health issues. Sound reduction meets or exceeds any current design. The MAXFLO 3D's™ AFD™ technology reduces heat build-up, reducing thermal signature, eliminating impact shifts during high rates of fire and increasing service life. The AFD™ design also allows it to be used on any barrel length and cartridge combination within caliber and its full-auto rated. The MAXFLO 3D™ is user serviceable without special tools, has a lifetime warranty and 100,000 round service life guarantee.

    Engineered utilizing the most cutting edge fluid dynamics software available, with input from users in every field, the MAXFLO 3D™ excels for all suppressed applications and uses. The MAXFLO 3D™ can be used on any .30 caliber or smaller weapons platform, with only a thread adapter required. Constructed using high strength stainless steel and alloys, with a high-temp Cerakote, ceramic finish. Manufactured 100% in our Draper Utah facility on the most sophisticated CNC equipment available. The MAXFLO 3D™ is the most advanced suppressor system available today. NG2's innovative dealer and sales support program, makes it as easy to sell as it is to use.

    For more information on the MAXFLO 3D™ and the complete array of NEXGEN2 Defense™ products, contact NG2 Defense™, LLC at: 801-692-7091 or visit

    NEXGEN2 Defense™ (NG2) Introduces MZLMAX™ the first truly effective Multi-Dimensional Muzzle Device using AFD™ "Advanced Flow Dynamics™"

    Draper, UT – NEXGEN2 Defense (NG2) has introduced the MZLMAX™, the first muzzle device to mitigate muzzle blast, recoil and flash effectively in one package. Utilizing Advanced Flow Dynamics™ (AFD™) and our proprietary Vent Forward Design™ (VFD™) The VFD™ design implements our 3D "Delay, Diffuse and Direct," gas management principle. The MZLMAX™ re-defines "state of the art" for firearms muzzle management.

    Engineered using the latest in advanced fluid dynamics software and manufactured utilizing the most sophisticated CNC equipment available, the MZLMAX™ accomplishes what everyone said couldn't be done. A device that effectively reduces recoil, minimizes flash, and directs muzzle blast away from the shooter and bystanders. All while remaining muzzle neutral and without the negative effects associated with brakes, compensators and flash hiders.

    NG2 designed the MZLMAX™ with law enforcement, military, competition and home defense shooters in mind. NG2's design incorporated input from users in every field to achieve the perfect balance. The "Vent Forward Design™ (VFD™)" of the MZLAMX™, directs muzzle blast away from the shooter and those around them and protects them from the damaging concussive effects of blast overpressure. It also directs the sound away from you or the people closest to you, keeping you in the fight while mitigating hearing damage. Flash is suppressed to levels similar to, or exceeding current flash suppressor designs. More effective on shorter barrels, it maintains this efficiency on entry rifles, even AR pistols, making it perfect for home defense. Recoil is noticeably reduced allowing for faster follow-up shots and precision accuracy at distance. Muzzle neutral, it doesn't push your rifle in any direction keeping you on target no matter the condition. Additionally, the AFD's™ accuracy enhancing design, directs gasses off the centerline of the bore and away from the bullet, reducing accuracy robbing turbulence. NG2's MZLMAX™ brings firearms muzzle devices into the next century and beyond.

    Built 100% in our Draper Utah Facility, the MZLMAX™ is constructed of high strength 17-4 Stainless Steel or Grade 6 Titanium alloys and machined from solid bar stock, with a high-temp Cerakote finish, it holds up to the worst conditions.

    Initially available in 5.56mm and 7.62mm versions, more models will follow to accommodate most any rifle. NG2's innovative dealer and sales support make it as easy to sell as they are to use.

    For more information on the MZLMAX™ and the complete array of NEXGEN2 Defense™ products contact NG2 Defense, LLC™ at: (801) 692-7091 or visit
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