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Lucid P7 4x Scope Review: Affordable Excellance

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  • Lucid P7 4x Scope Review: Affordable Excellance

    Not long ago, I wrote a “heads-up” article on Lucid P7 4x prismatic scope. My initial impressions were favorable, but now I’ve had it for enough time to have taken it to the range on a number of trigger-therapy sessions so I can give a more in depth review.

    My initial impressions article covered the tech specs in detail, so I’ll just give a brief refresher here. This is a 4x prismatic scope (similar to the Trijicon ACOG and the ATIBAL MROC). The Lucid P7 reticle has a dot surrounded by an 8 MOA circle, with bullet drop lines in 8 MOA increments below that. The reticle can be illuminated in red or blue and is powered by a AA battery that hides inside the built-in rail mount. Exposed turrets operate in 1/2 MOA clicks and have resettable turret caps.

    Checdk out the pics and specs on this scope here...


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    Just today I ordered a Lucid scope on a friend's recommendation. I trust his judgement very much and he also ordered one.

    It's the MLX FFP 4.5-18X44

    We're going to use them for Green Line Tactical's DMR Long Range Rifle Class in August.


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