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Brooksville gunsmith

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  • Brooksville gunsmith

    Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of Mitch that used to work for Fort Huffstetler in brooksville? I emailed them more than a week ago about some work I need done, and still haven't heard back, so I thought I'd try to get a hold of him. Anyone know the name of his shop? Thanks

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    Have you called the other place in lieu of an email.. Some of us old farts really do well with a live voice.


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      I usually have better luck the other way around. Live voices like to give me a run around. I still haven't heard anything, though, so I am gonna call them tomorrow


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        I recently had Pasco Gun Sports do work for me, cutting down a new Citori shotgun, they did a great job and it didn't cost much! It wasn't just an easy cut either because this gun has the comb riser and the mechanical adjustment had to be reworked as well. They did a great job!
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          +1 on them. The new ownership is great and their gunsmith does nice work. He fit an ambi safety for on a 1911 and re crowned a barrel for me. Reasonable price and good work. Also the 10% discount for DCRG members applies

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        Is that the place on 52, down from the high school?


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          Originally posted by PocketsRN View Post
          Is that the place on 52, down from the high school?
          Yes it is on 52 between the dade city range and the high school


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