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Looking for a gunsmith to Modify a Les Baer concept 8

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  • Looking for a gunsmith to Modify a Les Baer concept 8

    I'm looking for an experienced gunsmith in Northeast Florida to modify a Les Baer concept 8 to a Commander. The pistol will not slingshot and was not designed to do so and this modification I am told solves that issue. I'm also having FTF and FTE issues. I am also told again that this modification will solve those issues along with the ability to use most 8 round magazines. It currently will only accept a Wilson or a Les Baer

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    Maybe rzach or .257 Roberts can share some Jax-area knowledge. You might want to check with Gunsmiths Inc. and see if they can make the needed modifications. They're on the grounds of the Jax Skeet and Trap range, and do really outstanding work.

    G.T. Ward
    Gunsmiths Inc.
    12125 New Berlin Rd.
    Jacksonville, FL 32226
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      Thanks much Kurt. will check them out


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        I would call Les Baer and talk with them, if that doesn't work try Alchemy Guns. ..they done some amazing work on my series 70 Colt Government and Lou used to work for Les Baer


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          Les Baer does not agree with modifying his guns and he will not modify them. Alchemy is evidently not taking any new business as they were sold recently. Thanks though for the suggestions


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            I'm sending them to Bunker arms. Thanks everyone for their help


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              let us know how it works out..... I have a Hi-Power that I'm thinking of getting some work done to.


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                Will do. In my discussion on phone he knew all about the issues and indicated he has worked on and resolved many of them. He elaborated on the causes and remedy. I felt very comfortable sending it to him. Report in 4 to 6 weeks.


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