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Looking for a good S&W doc in central FL

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  • Looking for a good S&W doc in central FL

    My 66 decided on the last cylinder of the day at the range to stop rotating. Neither SA or DA can get it to turn. It is NOT binding, rotates freely, hand appears to be unbroken, sideplate off, nothing looks missing/broken. Before I contact S&W and box it up, am hoping I can find someone local. Old Art Lawson finally retired for good about 2 years or so ago, and now I do not know if there is anyone locally who KNOWS what they're doing inside a revolver.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    if you come up here Curry Thomas is the man to see



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      Looks like I need a new hand - one of the studs that holds the tension sring in place seems to have sheared off - I suspect that needs factory fitting, correct?


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