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Caldwell Precision Ballistic Chronograph

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  • Caldwell Precision Ballistic Chronograph

    Well, for Christmas I bought myself a Caldwell Precision Ballistic Chrono! I love that it comes in a nice carry case and is easy to setup. It runs off a 9v and has a spot for an extra 9v. It also has the LED emitter bars for use in intense sunlight along with a battery pack and AC adapter if necessary. I used it this past Saturday and the weather being overcast was perfect for my measurements. I spent nearly 3 hours documenting my 10mm loads, 45s, 38s, 9x18 Makarov, and 44 mag. I also checked some factory ammo for comparison sake. Next trip up I will do some rifle work. I also like the fact that the free Android app works great giving you each shot along with running averages, min/max, and deviations (shown below). It sure takes some of the guess work out of what some of my hand loads are doing and if they are living up to what the books say! This for example below is the hand load I used for hunting hog last. It was a 240 grain SJHP with 23.9 grains of H-110. The load was researched via my Loaddata.com online application for Rifle 44 mag loads. So, my hand loads were approaching the 1800 fps I thought they were! It is nice to have a chrono again!

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    Nice write up. I really should get a chronograph since I reload. Know the benefits but I've hesitated since one more thing to haul to the range. One day, maybe.


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      I think it is the sort of thing you try to get several loads to test and then go up and test them as much as possible all at once...that is my feeling at any rate. The package is nice in the carry bag and is not heavy. I just arrived early at Dade City public range so I can set it up in advance of the start. Worked great. Wish I had my own shooting land, they you could use it all the time!

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    Nice looking outfit for sure. I always wanted one just never could get around to it. I'd say they would be a necessity if you was into precision rifle or pistol matches. Good luck with it MM.
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      Nice, I have a Chrony Beta, and it is a great tool to have in your repertoire.
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        Good info, now I need one too!


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