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A huge Thank You to Kurt!

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  • A huge Thank You to Kurt!

    I recently started reloading and I want to thank Kurt for all his help! He has given me several pointers here and there and reading post here have really helped.
    I've loaded over 500 rds of .223 and yesterday, I met up with Ms. Fran, owner of Pioneer Dist. and purchased 8lbs of powder from her.
    She has years of knowledge and experience and she lives only a few miles from me. With guideance from Kurt and Ms. Fran, this has been fun and rewarding.

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    You've started great hobby. I started 5 years ago. Kurt and Charlie were a big help for me. Kurt helped with powder and bullet selection; Charlie with getting my Dillon 650XL up and running since he has a 650.

    I don't know what barrel you've got. But Varget and CFE are my favorite powders for .223/5.556. My barrels are very accurate with the heavier bullets in the 68 and 77 gr weight range. 24 grs of Varget under a 69 gr Nosler Custom Comp bullet shoots 1/2" MOA if I skip the coffee on my way to the range.


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      I am very happy to help.

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