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Mec 600 Jr. question.

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  • Mec 600 Jr. question.

    Anyone have a 600 Jr. with a primer feeder, that could post a photo of the feeder.
    i bought a used press that didn't have one and would like to see what it looks like.

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    YouTube is your friend...
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    • Vette
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      I looked last night, but didn't find a close up to see how it mounts.
      Someone on FB, posted a pic. Thanks for the reply.

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    Is it the new one or the old one? I have the old one (lamp chain version) and the small drop opening on the feeder fits right into the drop tube


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      The press is pre 1982. From what I understand the same prime feed system that works with the Sizemaster will work, but I will need to enlarge the hole for the reprime punch bolt from 1/4" to 1/2" to allow the prime feed.


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        ???? You've lost me...do you mean the depriming punch? Station 1 does nothing but deprime the hull; station 2 is where the primer drops from the tray and you reprime the hull; then you move to the middle station 3 where you drop powder, insert wad, drop shot; station 4 starts the precrimp, and that at station 5 when you're applying the final crimp and curl over, the chain activates the primer feed so a new one will be in place for the next hull, so I am not understanding what you mean.......


        • Vette
          Vette commented
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          Right now it has a primer punch (stage 2) but when I get the primer feed that I ordered, I'll have to drill the hole alittle bigger to allow for the drop tube being bigger.

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        I guess I am not awake today.....I own 2 MEC 600s, the depriming punch is station 1; the hull is reprimed at station 2 - there is no punch there. When you buy the correct kit, you will be replacing whatever part is there with a new hollow drop tube and the primer tray fits into; no drilling required. Make sure you buy the proper kit

        Basically, something like this:

        I have this same kit on both 600's and they work flawlessly. The new 200 capacity does well on Grabbers and 9000s
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          Right from MEC:

          Yes, the 600 JR models require the primer feed kit #285CA* (* indicates gauge #).

          This is available through many of our dealers such as www.gamaliel.com
          800 Horicon Street, Suite 1
          Mayville, WI 53050
          T - 920.387.4500
          F - 920.387.5802
          T - 800.797.4632 Customer Service
          Employee Owned


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            My mec 600 jr. only came with the punch bolt (that seats the primer) in station 2. That existing hole that holds it in place is 1/4" in dia. I will have to drill the the turret frame assembly to accept the 1/2" dia. of the primer drop tube.
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              You have the OLD MEC 600, I'd call them and see if they have a kit properly sized.


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