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Portable loading.

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  • Portable loading.

    I bought a RCBS Rock Chucker kit about 6 years ago & it has been in the box collecting dust in the garage. My work bench has no room & I really didn't want to reload in my hot garage. I got serious about looking for a portable option a few months ago. I ran across a portable bench called THEC4M3ON which is the absolute worst name in the industry in my opinion. It looked absolutely perfect for me. Only one problem...sold out. I emailed them, no reply. I contacted them through all of their social media platforms, no reply. I call them & left a voicemail, no reply. I searched the web for anyone selling one & only yielded an add where they are trying to sell the company. That was a real bummer. So everyday for the last few months I checked their website to see if anything was finally in stock. Last Monday morning I went to do my daily check & it no longer said out of stock!!! It was like Christmas in April. It shipped the same day & arrived last Thursday, I bought some river rocks to use as a ballast on Saturday & I was ready to reload(somewhat) that day. I have never reloaded so I only have some of what I need to actually produce live ammo. I did however de-prime about 1000 9mm cases & a few hundred 300 BLK cases. It went much easier that I imagined. My son was very eager to help also which was a wonderful feeling to get him involved. I started ordering more dies & items to start actually loading. Hopefully I will be in full swing in a few week. If you have limited space or want to reload at the kitchen table, this thing is awesome. Good luck getting a reply from them though.
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    You can also clamp it to the table. Nice looking set-up, how much was it?
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      It was $158 with shipping. A little pricey but my wife will never complain about it being clamped to her table & I can set it up anywhere.
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        There's one problem with loading at the kitchen table. When the spent primers don't cooperate they tend to bounce all over the wood floor & they hide very well. That's when the wife starts giving me the business. I knew there had to be a better way to keep a handle on the little suckers so I did a little web search. I found a guy on ebay that 3D prints a prime catcher & a deflector to keep a handle on them. He sends it with three feet of tubing so you can direct them into a vessel of your choosing. It works fantastic, is very well made, fits perfect & I find it to be well worth the $25 he charges. He makes a left & right side output. His seller name is caltick if anyone is in the market.
        "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!" Patrick Henry


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          You could also just use an aluminum steam table tray or cookie sheet with rubber shelf matting to keep things from sliding and bouncing.


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