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Spartan 30-06

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  • Spartan 30-06

    Somehow I've never purchased a set of 30-06 dies for my Trusted Old LYMAN SPARTAN single stage press!

    Is it worth the price of admission to purchase a die set for the 30-06 in todays World?

    Now I have an abundance of #2275 .308 175 gr. HPBT MatchKings.
    But my 7.62 x 51 MM IMR Powder supply 4895 & 4064 don't appear atop the current listings for accuracy in the Sierra or Lyman Reloading Recipes for the 30-06.
    Since I only have 1 purely hunting bolt action (Ruger Guide Gun) 30-06 rifle in the locker, is it even worth searching & purchasing a set of 30-06 dies for a Vintage SPARTAN Lyman single stage press??????
    Honestly, the hundred rounds of Remington 180 PP I purchased prior to "Just Joe" taking office could outlast the time I have behind a rifle when used strictly for licensed hunting.

    Is it worthwhile to dig for 30-06 dies for a Vintage Lyman SPARTAN Press?
    Thank Y'all for your time, effort, and inputs.

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    Well, since no one else is replying, I will.

    I say yes, it's worth it. You never know what the future holds. A set of dies is what; like $30-50 depending on your flavor unless you want match dies. I didn't see them getting priced gouged like ammunition and firearms. Your hardest problem is finding a set instock at the moment. I don't know if you have any kids or other family members that you can hand them down to later on in life. Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it (or the ability to buy it at all).

    Just my .02 cents. I have slowly (way before even the pandemic hit) been getting dies for every caliber I own. Why? Because you never know when some stupid law will get passed that prevents the sale of firearm parts/accessories over the internet. My last purchase was brass and a die set for 7.62 Tok ammunition. I only have one firearm that shoots it and I already have a few K of ammo for it. I may not ever need to reload it, but my kids and future grandkids will want to have it when they inherit my guns.

    Treat yourself!


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