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Spartan 30-06

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  • Spartan 30-06

    Somehow I've never purchased a set of 30-06 dies for my Trusted Old LYMAN SPARTAN single stage press!

    Is it worth the price of admission to purchase a die set for the 30-06 in todays World?

    Now I have an abundance of #2275 .308 175 gr. HPBT MatchKings.
    But my 7.62 x 51 MM IMR Powder supply 4895 & 4064 don't appear atop the current listings for accuracy in the Sierra or Lyman Reloading Recipes for the 30-06.
    Since I only have 1 purely hunting bolt action (Ruger Guide Gun) 30-06 rifle in the locker, is it even worth searching & purchasing a set of 30-06 dies for a Vintage SPARTAN Lyman single stage press??????
    Honestly, the hundred rounds of Remington 180 PP I purchased prior to "Just Joe" taking office could outlast the time I have behind a rifle when used strictly for licensed hunting.

    Is it worthwhile to dig for 30-06 dies for a Vintage Lyman SPARTAN Press?
    Thank Y'all for your time, effort, and inputs.

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