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Have a Dillon XL 650 Reloader and all the extras for sale

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  • Have a Dillon XL 650 Reloader and all the extras for sale

    SOLD ! Thanks for your interest !

    Hi guy's I haven't been around for a while. "Old Age got me down for a while "
    Anyways I have a Dillon XL 650 and every accessory they make for it. Also have most popular dies for handgun. Four powder feeders quick change you can set up for different types of powder and size loads.So you can preset them.
    Also rifle dies like 556/223 ,308 , 7 mm mag, 7 mm 08, 30 30, and more.
    Also have a ton of 223/556 brass clean. tons of 40 cal handgun brass clean 9 mm clean. some 380 clean and others.
    The press has several heads already set up with different caliber dies . Quick change. Also shell case feeder and wheels small and large handgun and small and large rifle. This press will load 600 or more rounds per hour..
    primer feeders large and small for quick change. Also electric Dillon primer feeder flipper auto primer tube feeder large and small primer swaps included.
    Probably have well over $3,500 invested. This has a Dillon "No B.$. lifetime warranty .
    Also Lyman scale auto powder measuring type. And Hornady ultra sonic cleaner, and Brass tumbler, and Lyman Brass reamer case trimmer
    Due to my health I don't reload anymore my loss is your gain. Can't take less than $1,200 for everything if really interested.
    You only need about a three foot by three foot space for this loader. Thanks
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    That is a great price. If anybody is looking to get a progressive press, this is a fantastic deal. I learned how to reload on my 650.


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      Agree about the price. I just wish I had the room for something like that..........


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        It can be done with limited space. I have two presses (a 650XL and Hornady Iron press). Both are installed on mounts that are attached to a 3/4 plywood base. I put felt pads underneath the plywood. I just slide the presses into position when in use. Or slide them out of the way when not in in use. I lock them place with 3 long screws with wing nuts. And it working up precision loads with my single stage press, I have a rolling cart that I pull next to my work bench and use my RCBS Chargemaster, Lyman Case Prep and scale. Works well for my needs.
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          I have a small machine stand I use for my MECs and RCBS Jr. press; the issue for ME is no place to store that machine when not in use.....I USED to load in the garage when I first moved here -THAT lasted about one month during my first summer..............


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            Where are you located? PM Sent.
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              PM sent


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                Thanks everyone for the interest in the press. I sold it today to another forum member I think he was very happy with the deal. It was a pleasure to meet him and I am happy that it went to a good home.


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                  Just dropping into the thread to leave some positive feedback. Cowboy is a great seller, smooth transaction and I walked away with way more than I expected from the sale. It was a pleasure spending time with you (and your wife) today and I am so grateful for all that you sent me home with. Brass, powder, projectiles, primers, and a full decked out press; I went from having almost nothing to having everything in one purchase. I will make sure it all gets many more years of good use. I hope to begin playing with it this weekend!

                  Thank you again.


                  P.S. - I believe he has an AR-10 style rifle for sale. I walked away like a bandit with the press and some other lucky soul will get their hands on that rifle. If you are even thinking about it, stop and contact him in the Firearms for sale thread. You won't regret it! Way under market value. Stand up seller.


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