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Crimson Trace Customer Service

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  • Crimson Trace Customer Service

    Just a heads up on this company. I have had C/T lasers on many guns with No Issues Ever. I purchased one for my S&W Shield not to long ago. From day one it never seemed to work right? it would come on then it would be real dim, sometimes not light up at all?

    So one day I was at Shoot Straight and they have a gunsmith on duty there. I had him take a look at it after I did all the obvious things to it to try and find the problem. He said it looked fine and he could not find the problem. After he put it back on the gun it worked fine for awhile, then started to act up again.

    Long story short, I called the 800 number on the C/T paperwork and spoke to a gentleman in Customer Service. As I started my rant, he stopped me and said just give me an address u want me to send the New one too. Wow I thought I would have to jump thru at least a few hoops? Then he said it will ship today and I will send u a pre-paid return envelope to send the defective one back.

    No questions asked top shelf Customer Service !! Way to go C/T u will always have my business !!

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    Similar experience here. Used CT laser grip not working. Didn't matter that I was not the original purchaser. They sent a brand new one, no questions asked.
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      Even though I have never had a problem with my four CT lasers I called them on one occasion to inquire about expected laser battery life, the customer services persons reply was, if the batteries fail, call us and we will replace them free of charge. Even though I did not request replacements I received four sets of batteries in the mail the following week.
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        Same here as I had a question about batteries and they sent me four... Great Outfit in my book...
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          It is very nice to see a company that still puts customer satisfaction at the top of their l


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            I've had nothing but good experiences when dealing with Crimson Trace.

            I've had CT grips on three of my guns and still do on two. Back in November the laser on my EDC suddenly stopped working. No bumped or dropped gun, etc..., just one night they worked the next day no beam at all. Tried new batteries and tinkered with them some, but to no avail. CTC has a 3-Year Warranty and I'd had these over 4.5 years, but I called them anyway and they said send 'em in. Since I could not afford new ones I was hoping it would be very cheap to fix, or maybe even best case scenario they'd do it for free.

            They had them over the Thanksgiving Holiday so I waited on calling for a prognosis, and in fact it was the same day I was going to call when UPS showed up at my door with a package from Oregon. I opened the box not knowing if my grips had been fixed or if I'd gotten my returned grips with a note saying that their time had sadly expired. Instead it was with stunned surprise that I found it was neither, but instead brand new grips!

            I had dealt with them several years ago with the same grips (still under warranty then) that had a broken elevation screw (my fault). While they had them I'd called for an update and while talking to Heidi asked about how I'd go about buying a CT hat or shirt from them. She asked my size and said she send me something, and when I got my grips back included were a free shirt AND a hat, a bumper sticker and some extra batteries.

            Wish all companies had such Customer Service.


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