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Sale of my Dillon XL 650 press "Good Experience"

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  • Sale of my Dillon XL 650 press "Good Experience"

    Sold the press today and it was a pleasure to meet another forum member Keith. Nice guy and very happy that the press and other stuff is going to a great home..
    Looking forward to hearing about his reloading experience's with his new press. Thanks to the Moderators for having this forum so we can all share our experiences about firearms and related stuff.. Kudos to you Kurt and others on the forum. And thanks Keith we helped each other out. Thanks from cowboy

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    Thank YOU! This forum is only as good as it's members.
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      Thank you !
      You guy's keep it all running like a
      "Glock" I mean that as a compliment.
      And the members of the forum are a great group of people. It's an honor to be a member . Best always. Wild Bill
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