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Free to a good home

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  • Free to a good home

    I have a Jack Russel/beagle mix I adopted 3 months ago. I can not keep due to my condo association! My parents own the condo I'm considered a renter, renters can't have pets!
    She is a great lovable fun dog that I want nothing more than to keep me company and take her to the puppy beach. She is a personality to say the least and this is killing me to have to give her up. I have until Dec. 1 or I have to be out and it's not an option at this point in my life.
    Please someone help me find her a good home. I'm on the waiting lists for lee and collier counties humane society as they don't kill the dogs they take. But in the mean time I figured I would try here.
    She's 30lbs and not getting any bigger, her name is Roxy; she is neutered and up to date on all her shots. She will come with a new crate, her leash,bowls and toys as well as any food and treats I have for her at the time. She is a sweet dog and I will not just give her to anyone, I don't have a screening but I will ask questions to insure she will be cared for and ok.
    pm me or email me and i will send my cell phone #

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    OMG, she is adorable. We have a four year old Jack Russel/Beagle mix and she is the best dog ever.
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      Yea. This is killing me. I haven't been this hurt in a long time. In just a few months I became so attached to her


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        I have never owned one but I hear they are very smart...she looks adorable. If I didn't have two cats then I would be up for her...unless...humm...a terrible accident happened...honest officer...I was cleaning my Muzzleloader and it just went off...Officer: yes but both cats were shot separately.... No, I like my cats but they are different than a dog that is for sure!
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          I have a cat too they love each other and play together. It's kinda weird.


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            Not that I condone this, but many times people can go to their doctor and get a note saying that the dog is for therapeutic reasons and get around rules such as the one you are speaking of. Mostly because of HIPPA laws.

            Happend many times in dorms and other places I stayed where pets where not allowed, but I would see/hear dog's in people's apartments. I would ask their owners how they have them and this is what they all told me. If the place you stay at has other residents with dogs and you will be able to blend right in and I'm sure not many people will ask. If your place doesn't allow dogs as a general rule, I'm sure people will be giving you the stink eye and think you are cheating the system.


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              Any update on this?

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                Yes update please. We're you able to place Roxy?


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