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  • Please read!! Forum Rules!

    Free to a good home!

    Ok gentlemen (and ladies), as we all know, there is clutter in your gun safe. There is clutter in your closets, and there is clutter in your 'man cave'.

    All of us have 'orphaned' gun stuff for guns we no longer own, shooting equipment we outgrew/didn't like/upgraded, reloading stuff for calibers we are tired of, and lots of other items sitting around useless. We can't bring ourselves to throw it away, nor can we really justify a sales thread for it.

    Well, here is the answer! Let's shuffle it around amongst friends! After all, isn't one man's trash another man's tr.. errr.. future trash?

    So here are the rules.

    1.Any member may post up an offering of something they no longer wish to own. Post as many items as you wish, but please keep track of the items you give away and update your post(s) accordingly.

    2.Gun stuff is the goal here, but other 'sporting good' items can be offered to a new home as well.

    3.You must state in your offer whether you are willing to ship the item, and who will pay the shipping, just to keep the confusion down.

    4.There are no "dibs", no "I called it first" no "waaa, I wanted that!" The person donating the item will ALWAYS have the final say on who gets the item, no explanation needed.

    5.In order to be considered for receiving an item, you must have offered an item in the forum as well.

    This will be mainly an honor system, the mods have enough to do without scanning for moochers or complainers.
    If you can't play nice, though, and we happen to notice, well.... that would be bad.

    So lets all go dig through the closets and see what we don't need anymore!
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    "A golf course is the willful and deliberate misuse of a perfectly good rifle range." - Jeff Cooper

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