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Phrobis M-11?

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  • Phrobis M-11?

    Carolyn came home from her Dads the other day with a small box of stuff and there was the Knife in there that immediately caught my eye. I noticed that it was a Phrobis which is a good name in the m-9 bayonets. This is not a bayonet as the pommel is different but I can't seem to find any info online on Phrobis knifes except for the bayonets. Just wondering if anyone on here can shed a little light on if this is indeed an M-11 combat knife or maybe another model and a possible value and age. M-9's seem to have a cutout about 1/3 of the way back from the tip that is missing on this knife as well. I have mega internet search skills but this one is just eluding me.

    Its coated Steel (magnetic) and is sharp as all get out but appears to have never been sharpened. Grip appears to be Aluminum??? Sheath is all plastic and says marto on it.

    Here are some pics.

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    Wow, lots of knowledgeable people on here...LOL.

    I found out that it is a Seal C.U.K (combat utility knife) that was made under contract in the early 80's exclusively for the seals. The scabbard is original issue with the Marto name just stuck on it.

    Seems they may or may not have a weak spot in the shank where it contacts the handle and are subseptable to breakage even from a simple drop on a hard floor. The leftovers after the problems went to the commercial market via Marto and were sold at what was described as a deep discount to the General Public.

    Nevertheless, they are highly collectable and sell quickly. I ran across one N.I.B. example that sold for $550.00 recently!!!! Found more than a few for the $350.00ish range. In the safe it goes.

    "If guns cause crime, all mine are defective." ~ Ted Nugent


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