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Another nice pocket carry

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  • Another nice pocket carry

    Y'all don't seem to be too much into blades, but it seems a shame to let a sub forum got to waste. I became aware of this little slip-joint folder and had to have it. It's a Le Thiers Chambriard Compact.
    Made in France. Just the right size for pocket carry and came with it's own soft leather pocket slip. It feels really good in the hand and looks good, too.

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    That's a good looking knife for sure. The blade shape is kind of like the Opinel brand which is made in France to. Can I be nosey and ask about how much it sells for? Good luck with it..
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      PM sent.


      • Baldy
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        I sent a PM back to you. Just a thanks for the info... Cheers...

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      About the blade shape. Yes, it does resemble the Opinel. I believe the European Clasp knife is where Case got the influence for the Sodbuster. They have a little more belly, but shape of the blade is very similar.


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