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Paracord and Knives..

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  • Paracord and Knives..

    Well I finally settled on the wrap for my knife. I have tied it many different ways and the most simple wrap still works the best for me. Here's a few pictures. It's a very simple wrap as you can see. I did not close the finger hole or put a lanyard lead on it. Both ends are tucked and super glued so they stay in place. Took me a while to get the blade sharp on this knife as they are a hard metal. Most were like the one on the right. Just to bulky. Now I am playing with sheath and how I want to wear it. Around the neck is not for me. Somewhere on my belt is probably where will be.

    This is the simple tuck that I like the best..

    This wrap makes the handle too thick-


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    OK, I fixed it. That looks good, Baldy and Just Dave. Thanks for sharing.
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      Here is a picture of a paracord wrap I did on mine so we will at least have a pic on this thread.

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