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About the straight handle & axemanship 101.

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  • About the straight handle & axemanship 101.

    So how many of Y'all have a six pound swamp ax with a 36 inch straight handle laying around from Pa's time? Can y'all use it?
    Or has the chainsaw totally replaced the ax?
    This being machete country, does your machete get more work than either the chainsaw or the ax?
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    Good question..? I haven't used a ax since my early teens on my grandfathers farm. All chainsaw for me.. LOL!
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      Guess a 2 man saw is even a more foreign concept?


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        Yes Sir, I agree with you on that. I am sure there's jobs that the lumberjacks use a two man saw on, but for Joe six-pack not so much. I lived in Northern Indiana for about ten years and we cut wood for fire places every year. There was a few guys that would use long handle axes but by far more had chain saws. The big thing up there was the log splitter. LOL!
        The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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          I always have a machete/cane knife close at hand. They are indispensable in the Florida woods.
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            So the splitting maul and wedges in the garage are just pieces of Florida History? LOL.

            I'm kind of partial to the Old Military Machete.


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              i have a gas fire place no axes around here no more


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