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First Action Steel Match. Second Match ever.

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  • First Action Steel Match. Second Match ever.

    Just something to share.

    This morning before the crack of dawn I took my only day off from work to do something that I had practiced all week. The Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club hosts and Action Steel match on the second Saturday of the month. As do many of the local clubs. But this was my first. Last night, the Friday before, I got back my RIA 1911 9mm from Shoot Straight where the gunsmith had fit my ambi-safety. It would take a few stages to relax and feel comfortable with the success of that fitting.

    I cannot recite all the stages. But I will mention that the first stage was 'El Presidente', I believe this is of USPSA fame and I had only read about this stage. Three steel targets downrange. Fire two shots in each, reload, and two shot in each once more for a total of 12 shots. Average time of my squad of mostly first timers. 45 seconds. WHAT A BLAST!!! Who cares what the time was. I got to draw from my holster, place shots downrange, reholster, and turn and hang with my new buds.

    You, dear forum members, should watch some of us newbies. There was one stage with two Texas Stars. This lucky fellow (me), for some reason, was in a zone when I got to the Star. all ten plates, nine shots, zero miss. Yes, I got a two-fer on one. I am hooked.

    I am sore, I need a shower. Oh, did I say -- I am hooked.
    Man... I am all full of sarcasm. I should chill and find a quiet place to lay down.

    Oh wait. I will when I'm done.

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    Glad to hear you are into shooting steel. Its a hoot, just a whole lot of fun.

    I have only done it once and used a borrowed rifle to shoot my course. Don't really have a gun to use at this time but know you are going to have a good time and make many friends attending steel shoot.

    I can see how you could get hooked and want to do it every weekend.


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