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Review-Combat Carbine Course with Green Line Tactical

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  • Review-Combat Carbine Course with Green Line Tactical

    On Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 4/5 2017, I took a 2-day Combat Carbine course from Don Edwards and Sam Houston at Green Line Tactical. The course was held at Asymmetric Solutions' training facility in Perry FL.

    Saturday started out quite chilly and windy. We began reviewing and practicing basic skills, first being prone shooting. I have never really done this, so it was very beneficial for me.


    We verified our zero, and no one was shooting magnified optics. Most were shooting red dots and a couple were shooting open sights. I was using the very first AR-15 I ever built, my Palmetto State Armory carbine with AimPoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO).

    We then moved on to close target engagement and learned how to compensate for our sight's height over bore and ran some skill development drills to use these skills.


    We learned and practiced more skills such as shooting while moving and transitioning from rifle to handgun.

    There were a variety of students in attendance including police officers, private security contractors, SWAT operators and an old fat guy who runs a gun forum.

    Don and Sam are patient and accommodating teachers who are very skilled and capable of sharing that knowledge in a relaxed and fun manner. No one is screaming in your ear or berating an incorrect shooting style.


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    The second day started very foggy and chilly. However, the sun came out rather quickly and the fog burned off and the day became quite pleasant.


    We started off with a recap of the first day's activities and began by shooting prone from 100 yards for score. It was eye-opening to know I could consistently hit a standard target at that distance with only my red dot. I would never have thought I could do that!

    We also learned to use barricades to effectively in different situations for cover/concealment.


    This is called the "Brokeback" position...

    We then practiced and ran different drills to increase proficiency using barricades...

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      Yes, we even had a lady shooter in attendance!

      And the old fat guy (above)!
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        I learned one thing I didn't know previously, and that is a single point bungee sling is worthless. I won't use that again.
        I also learned that you're never too old to learn how to defend your life and family.

        The facility at Asymmetric Solutions is absolutely FIRST CLASS!


        They have a 2,000 yard and 100 yard rifle range, two pistol ranges, all with concrete block side walls and poured concrete backstops and full berms for safety, plus various shoot houses, towers and cell block (prison) facilities for training simulation. Also, they offer a VERY nice bunkhouse for students with showers, pool table, 40+ bunks and supplied bedding and towels. The place is extremely clean and well maintained. They even have wi-fi!

        Our host was Benjamin "Ginger" Honey (314.552.1634 or BenH@asusa1.com) and he was out here every day checking to make sure we did not have any problems.
        I cannot overstate how awesome the facility was and the level of attention to detail that was given by our host!

        In closing, it was a very successful weekend with Green Line Tactical and Asymmetrical Solutions, and I look forward to attending more training courses there.
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          Good write up.
          The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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            good write-up...thanks


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