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The Will To Win-Jeremy Griffin & Grizzly Targets

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  • The Will To Win-Jeremy Griffin & Grizzly Targets

    “Every legend started out as a nobody”...

    Seems simple enough, right? We all gotta begin somewhere.

    But what is that one common thread that takes a select few from humble beginnings to something more? That propels them through the trials and tribulations of the market, of the industry… of life?

    Those who came before us knew what it was. Daniel Wesson & Horace Smith, Samuel Colt and George Sullivan from years past. More recently, names such as Richard Fitzpatrick, George Kellgren and Dan Hamilton come to mind.

    What’s that one thing that ultimately takes people from small nobodies to national prominence. The one thing that takes someone from a small town gym to the championship podium.

    One thing is undeniable… When you walk through the warehouse of Grizzly Targets, you can feel it. It’s oozing. It’s infectious.

    It’s everywhere.

    So what is it?

    What is THAT ONE THING that makes a man dedicate his very existence to achieving greatness at a scale most cannot imagine. Greatness that most don’t care for. That most simply don’t have the stomach for…?


    Many of you have not heard of him, but you will. The company in question is still very much a startup. The events are not attracting massive media attention. And the sales are not quite the stuff that makes headlines… yet.

    Say hello to Jeremy Griffin, owner of Startup Street, Grizzly Targets and Dropzone Gunner. Armed with a background of marketing and construction, near 20 years of self employed status and an intimate knowledge of the industry via five years of experience with Grizzly. having to scrape, claw and fight for every last dollar over the course of two decades.

    Now in full control of Grizzly Targets and on a one way mission if disruption. And not just the target/training side of it. The entire industry.

    Sounds pretty lofty, no?

    “There is a huge gap in the industry in terms of a company that represents the hard working, role up your sleeves and get to work mindset of the average hard working American. We aren’t just a company that sells AR500 steel targets. We’re a training company. And like all training, you get what you put in. Show up early, leave late. Stfu and do what you have to do in order to get the results you want.

    Get dirty. Get hungry. Our product isn’t sexy like rifles. It’s not sexy like ammunition. It’s made to get beat up. It’s made to MAKE YOU WORK. And that is what we stand for in a nutshell.

    Just do the work.”

    Keep in mind, Jeremy just got full control of Grizzly only six months ago. With a company that was not in terrific shape internally, major changes were needed. Only five months into the journey Grizzly Targets set a month on month record for target sales in August.

    So what exactly is going on with the company that is setting it up for something big?

    Revolutionizing Classic Target Systems:Grizzly Targets has disrupted two standard target systems already, the classic plate rack system and also the standard Pepper Popper system. Both revamps have addressed main concerns among shooters and range owners and will become quite popular in 2018.

    A Range Day that is Fun?!!: The Grizzly Range Tours concept is set to launch. Best described as “basically a Lollapooza for the gun industry, where the entire family can compete. It’s about time we brought in the rest of the supporters and community, don’t ya think?!”

    Not Your Typical Competitions: By combining a mud run obstacle course with a live fire shooting competition, this one promises to go big. With partners such as 3GN with Jeremy's marketing company Startup Street, and Keltec for the upcoming DropzoneGunner.com event, the feeling is similar to Tough Mudder in the early days.

    According to Jeremy: “the industry needs more exciting events. If it’s not spectator friendly, the event side will never grow past what it currently is now. And where it stands now is not acceptable nor healthy for long term growth”.

    There’s much more on the agenda as well, with the development of the industry partners program, the #TeamGrizzly initiative and five new items set to come out in 2018.

    Making a mark on your local community is not easy, as anyone in business knows. Making your mark nationally is even harder. But from all initial signs of things, that is exactly where Grizzly Targets is heading.

    And Jeremy probably won’t stop until they get there.

    For more information and interviews, please contact:

    Jeremy Griffin


    Copyright © *2017* *GRIZZLY TARGETS LLC*, All rights reserved.

    Our mailing address is:
    4406 W Virginia Ave, Tampa FL 33614


    PHONE: 813-374-0548

    Proud Supporter Of President Trump

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