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Glock 30s

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  • Glock 30s

    *** Information was obtained from interview with Mike Robinson, Director of Marketing for GLOCK, the distributed GLOCK press kit, and the GLOCK website. Photos are courtesy of GLOCK or ME (some were taken by my lovely assistant Pink Lady). ***

    GLOCK has mostly been known for their 9mm models, with the G17, the original GLOCK, being an iconic firearm in modern times. Since then they have expanded their line to include several different calibers and frame sizes. One of the areas where many have felt they fell short was in .45ACP for ccw. Their full-size pistol in this category, the G21, has been a favorite for many, and has even been issued for some LEO departments. They also have the model 30, which is a more compact version of the 21. Good carry gun for those who prefer .45acp right? Well, maybe not. Yes, you have 10+1 capacity, and overall the G30 is roughly similar in size to the G19/G23, but the grip is rather thick, and the slide is very noticeably fatter. I did try one for ccw myself, but was never as happy as I am with the slimmer 9mm/.40 models. GLOCK also has the model 36, which is a smaller single stack .45acp, which is slim enough for ccw, but you are limited to 6+1 rounds, and you lose the ability to use the higher capacity magazines from the G21 or G30.

    An interesting thing happened a few years ago. Some guys on Glock Talk (Glock centered message board) began experimenting with putting the slimmer G36 slide on a G30 frame, and it did appear to work. (I have no first hand knowledge of this, so I will not verify). Also it should be noted that GLOCK does not list any of its influence for the G30S as being any of this experimentation, I just thought it was noteworthy. So how or why did GLOCK come up with this model then? Well, it turns out that LAPD had submitted a request for a specific gun, specifically a .45acp double stack suitable for deep conceal carry, and that is how the G30S came to be.

    OK, so let's take a look at the specs, and see how it compares to the standard G30.

    The full details of the new model are outlined below:
    • Dimensions

    1. Length (overall) 177 mm / 6.97 inch
    2. Length (slide cpl.) 172 mm / 6.77 inch
    3. Width 32.5 mm / 1.28 inch
    4. Height with magazine 122 mm / 4.80 inch
    5. Barrel length 96 mm / 3.78 inch
    6. Length of twist 400 mm / 15.75 inch
    7. Trigger distance 72.5 mm / 2.85 inch
    8. Trigger travel to discharge 12.5 mm / 0.49 inch
    9. Length between sights (polymer) 150 mm / 5.91 inch

    • Weight

    1. Pistol w/o magazine 575 g / 20.28 oz
    2. Magazine std. empty 70 g / 2.47 oz
    3. Magazine std. full (depending on ammo used) 280 g / 9.88 oz

    Magazine capacity (rounds): 10

    Barrel profile: right hand twist; octagonal
    Standard Trigger pull: ~5.5lbs

    Muzzle velocity V0**: 787 fps
    Muzzle energy E0**: 317 ft lb

    **depending on ammunition used

    OK..so what does that mean? For those who are familiar with the large frame GLOCKs, the grip is the same as the "SF" versions of the .45acp/10mm frames. With the slimmer slide, you save some weight (I know I was told this in my interview, but it seems the listed stats don't reflect this). The standard magazines include the base plate extensions to make a more full grip in your hand, but you could change that out for plate base plates if you want a slightly smaller grip. The G30S is fully compatible with the G21 and G30 magazines, so that is a nice feature.

    I wish I would have had more opportunity to fire the G30S, but considering how much there was to see at Media Range Day, and that this gun isn't even out, I took what I got and was happy. This next statement may sound like I was unimpressed, but I mean it as a compliment; "it shot just like a GLOCK." I had no trouble hitting the center of the steel plate targets they had set up for us, with the few rounds I was allotted. (I think I fired about two magazines). Having mostly been shooting 9mm lately, I expected a bit of a kick, especially with this being a smaller lighter .45acp. What I found was, that yes, there was a little bit of snappiness with the lighter slide, but most of the recoil seemed to push into your hand, rather than flip the muzzle up. Was fairly easy to get off follow shots in my opinion. For a newer shooter, or someone inexperienced with GLOCKs, the mileage my vary, but I found it easy and enjoyable to shoot.

    In conclusion, I think this is a nice addition to the GLOCK lineup, and was probably needed to keep up with some of the competitors new offerings. Should make a nice carry option for those who prefer .45acp, and shoots well enough to be a viable range gun as well.

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    Who took those great range photos, DJ?
    Go, Trump, Go!


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      Originally posted by GSPKurt View Post
      Who took those great range photos, DJ?
      Ahh yes, I forgot to credit my esteemed partner with the excellent media day photos. Thanks Kurt!

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        Thanks for the review and pictures. My only question to Glock is how come they didn't put the gen4 lower? Is it because LAPD didn't ask? I personally like the extended mag release on gen4. I also would like to know what kind of recoil spring it has? I would assume it's gen3.


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          I'm sure it will be eventually in released in Gen4...almost every other model has been now.

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          Contact your representatives: http://nraila.org/get-involved-local...your-reps.aspx


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            Very nice. I wish I could have participated in that. I will have to keep my eye out for one to test fire. Thanks for the info!


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