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Hello from Central Florida!

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  • Hello from Central Florida!

    Hi there!

    I've bin a recreational shooter and hunter since I was a kid and have wanted to carry for nearly as long but being rather pore most of my life i have never bin able to justify the purchase of a conceal-able firearm. Now that I'm in my 30s with most of my bills payed off the time has come for me to buy a carry weapon! I'm a big fan of 9mm (primarily due to its cost) and to a lesser extent 40 and 357 / 38 special. I have had several range sessions with the Glock 26 and shota box of rounds through the ruger LCR in 38 and both felt good BUT I was a MUCH better shot with the Glock 26 (tho that's nothing a little range time can't fix I'm sure). As I've never realy bin in the position to purchase a "non hunting" weapon I've not realy payed much attention to "the happenings" of small guns so I'm hoping that some of yall will be willing "fill in the blanks" since I can't seem to find a consensus on what what is good and what not.

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    I hate to say this but you have to know, there is no right answer. A self defense firearm needs to be reliable and you can spend thousands or a couple hundred dollars and get a reliable firearm. For a friend of mine that wanted to get her CCW firearm, I took her to the range with a wide variety of firearms and when she had tried everything in my case we went to the rental rack and she fired a bunch more. By the time the day was over SHE found the one SHE liked the best for her. Go to a range that has lots of rental firearms and shoot them and decide what is best for YOU.
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      Welcome ! Like me , you came to the forum seeking the wisdom and advice of the experienced.Bruce pretty hit the nail on the head, everyone's preference is different but also remember to take into account the holster and handgun size because for a handgun you will be carrying concealed you want it to feel comfortable so be mindful when looking at full size handguns. That's the benefit of some of the compact 38s/9s.


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        Welcome from central Florida! Find a range that rents guns and try as many as you can. That is the only way for you to determine what will be the best gun for you.


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          Originally posted by BigDinFl View Post
          Welcome from central Florida! Find a range that rents guns and try rhe Fom tas many as you can. That is the only way for you to determine what will be the best gun for you.
          This is the best advice you can get.
          Welcome to the forum from the Gainesville area. Glad you joined us.
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            Wow toooooootaly not what I expecte... But not a bad thing! I have plenty of questions about concealed carry but will as thows in the appropriate forum Tha KS again


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              The best selling concealed carry guns right now are the S&W Shield and Glock 42/43. I personally carry a Ruger LCP II with Crimson Trace LaserGuard.
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                Don't forget the popularity of the J frame Smith in one's pocket. There's a WHOLE LOT of them out there, including the one in my pocket...... ;)


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                  Welcome from the swamp. enjoy.
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