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Request Permission to Come Aboard.

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  • Request Permission to Come Aboard.

    Retired Salty Old Naval Aircrewman requesting Permission to Come Aboard.

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    Permission Granted. Welcome aboard from an O.S. that got out after 4. Flight deck opps on a carrier is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world in my opinion. Thanks for doing the distance run for US.

    "If guns cause crime, all mine are defective." ~ Ted Nugent


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      Originally posted by Just Dave View Post
      Permission Granted. Welcome aboard from an O.S. that got out after 4. Flight deck opps on a carrier is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world in my opinion. Thanks for doing the distance run for US.
      Not many Cats or Traps, but there are more Cats than Traps in my Logbook. (Hazards of A3's) LOL. Thank You for your Service Sir. Shared many a Watch with an O.S. during my time. It ain't the years, it's the intensity. JMHO.


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        Welcome from the Swamp..Enjoy!
        The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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          Welcome, sir!
          Proud Supporter Of President Trump


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            Thank Y'all for your warm Welcome.
            Was forced to withdraw from the front line at the Big Orange Box due to excessive exposure hours. 3- 20,30,40 year Olds assigned to assist an Old War Dog at the Garden Center dropped with 102+ temps today. So the Atlanta Brass determined that High Risk (Cardiopulmonary Diabetes Folks past 60 shouldn't be working.) But they gave me 4 weeks of unearned sick time. First time I can actually state that a non-union employer has stepped up "Big Time". Of course they realized that folks with Orange Aprons were going to get the virus, but they actually gave thier employees a fighting chance. JMHO.

            Perhaps it's a sign of this new paradigm that I need to include such subjects in a basic meet and greet format?

            Technically my Watch was over 23 years ago, but perhaps a fellow Warriors Family needs to fix something of an emergency nature, hole in the roof- electrical short- plumbing failure etc... but I can no longer serve because folks bored with being safe at home need to purchase unnecessary flowers to plant in thier gardens and have decided that I should risk my families and my life so that they are not bored. Well my sense of duty overruled. But I'm now sidelined with exposure due to those selfish folks that couldn't stay Home safely with those they loved........... Disappointed in those that I swore to protect from foreign & domestic opponents. Guess it's a one way street, everyone else is supposed to give up thier lives and thier families just so that Y'all ain't bored staying Home safe for a month! SHAME ON Y'all! JMO not so humble.

            Those staying at Home on the internet, Thank Y'all.
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              Welcome aboard!
              "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!" Patrick Henry


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                Welcome to Arkham
                Sometimes you meet someone, and you know from that very first moment, You want to spend the rest of your life without them


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                  Well, I'm back on the front line of the "Big Orange Box" once again. (were I should be.) But I do have to laugh about all those folks attempting to crawl up on me, how far away do Y'all think they are going to run when they are told that I was taken offline for three weeks do to a 100+ fever? Okay, come in via the EXIT ONLY Garden door. Guess what? When I refuse to serve you Y'all still got exposed. Wearing Y'all's Mask? Wearing Y'all's gloves? Be as inpertantaint as Y'all like. Ignorance is curable, arrogance isn't. The Arrogant & Entitled shall need to be Educated within the confines of the actual World. JMHO. Perhaps Y'all should take a moment to think about why those signs are up at the stores that can't close due to the virus??????????????????????????????

                  If you can read, perhaps it's time to head!

                  "Stupid is as stupid does" are Y'all ignorant or arrogant? Both may pay the same price..................JMHO.

                  If we all learn to respect each others space and comply with the changing safety regulations, we should all have the best chance of making it beyond COVID19 together.
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