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Windows 8 Internet Explorer Issues on Forum

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  • Windows 8 Internet Explorer Issues on Forum

    When using Internet Explorer from the home page on windows 8 (the internet explorer app) it seems as though I am having issues typing in the response box. It misses key strokes and locks up and does all sorts of weird things but only when you are in the text box at the bottom of the forum.

    If I go to the desktop on windows 8 and open Explorer I don't seem to have as many issues, but google chrome seems to work flawlessly.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    I don't have Windows 8 to check this but if you do a search for Windows 8 or IE10 + vBulletin there seems to be allot of issues. One regular suggestion is to use Chrome which is pretty much all I use personally. I have IE8 and Firefox and use them occasionally but Chrome for most of the heavy lifting! At the end of the URL box or near the top of the browser, do you see a broken page icon? This is the compatibility mode button...sometimes setting compatibility mode resolves issues.
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      The compatibility mode Mountain Man suggested should do the trick. Click on picture below to see compatibility icon.

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        I need to update vBulletin, too.
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