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Mark Channels Read not working

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  • Mark Channels Read not working

    As the title says, nothing happens when I click on it.

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    This has already been discussed in another post. We are working on it.


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      I am making progress on this issue. Now, when you open a post, it is actually marked as read. I still am still working on the the MARKED CHANNELS READ button


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        MARKED CHANNELS READ button is now working on the main forum page.


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          Thank you.


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            Actually no, it's not working yet.


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              It is working for me. If you click forums and then MARK CHANNELS READ, it works...Still does not work under New Topics for some reason.


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                I was trying from under new topics.


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                  Yeah...I'm not sure why that one won't work. 2 out of 3 so far...lol


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                    Has there been any progress on this one...probably one of the forum features I use the most once I go thru the posts? Is this something you are researching or the developers? Thanks.
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                    • CaptCraig
                      CaptCraig commented
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                      The software developers have stated that this is a known bug. There is no resolution at this time. You can still use the Marked Channels Read on the Forum Page to accomplish this.

                    • Mountain Man
                      Mountain Man commented
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                      I think the issue is more than this. While the Mark Channels Read works in the main FORUM, it doesn't actually do what the old software did at all. All it does is un-bold all the topics to light blue but doesn't remove them from your list! In the past, marking them read would not even display them...so you always see what was truly new or updated. Other forums using vBulletin (slightly older versions I will admin) work this way. This is the biggest bane for me right now with the forum and hurting my full enjoyment because we end up with a lengthy list of topics that you have either commented on or don't want to comment on. So, the problem seems more systemic. I hope they can fix it soon!

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