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What is Subscriptions->Users

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  • What is Subscriptions->Users

    I was looking at my inbox and noticed under Subscriptions two sub categories. (1) Posts, and (2) Users. While I understand, and frequently use the subscribe to posts/threads, what is the Users? I seemed to have defaulted to, currently, 58 subscriptions?

    Is there some default setting that subscribes me to every post a user submits? I like everyone here, but, I typically use 'New Posts' to keep myself updated.
    Man... I am all full of sarcasm. I should chill and find a quiet place to lay down.

    Oh wait. I will when I'm done.

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    When you reply to a post, you are automatically subscribed to that thread.
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      I should also add if you go to My Profile by clicking the little black arrow next to your name up top, you can see the number of subscriptions and unsubscribe as well.
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      • Frgood
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        Yes, that is what prompted the original question. I was looking at 'My Profile' and saw that I was subscribed to 58 users. As I had not deliberately subscribed to any users, I was curious who that list of 58 came about. Perhaps, I am doing something incorrectly that is causing a subscription to be created every time I read a users post.
        I was merely curious about how this feature is implemented to better understand.

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