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New Format of the Forum

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  • New Format of the Forum

    This "upgrade" or whatever it is seems a bit glitchy, and slower than the previous iteration of the site's software. Rick

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    I think I prefer the old version better as it seemed easier to navigate. May just be a new learning curve... There also may be more reasons for the upgrade that I do not know about.


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      I am sure things will get sorted out over the next few weeks.

      But I do notice a delay when I put up and post and click POST. Nothing happens for a few seconds, so yes it is slower for some reason.


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        I hate to say it but I am not much of a fan of the new site version, I hope things get worked out. It seems slower and harder to navigate. I think this is evidenced by the fact this is my first post since the "upgrade".
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          And this rates a new topic how?

          This upgrade went smoother than either of the two previous upgrades. Last time, we were offline for almost FOUR days. Craig did a great job on this, he set up a whole forum as a test site to make sure everything went smoothly. He spent HOURS, uncompensated hours, I may add. All while working full-time, raising a family and taking classes. Our database is huge, and takes a lot to work upgrade. We can go back to the old version if you like, but you all will be vulnerable to viruses and hacks. It was easier to navigate because you've had 2 years to familiarize yourself with it. In my opinion, the glitches are minor, and will be worked out in time and with some patience. The security is well worth it. Then, when the hackers figure out how to get through the latest security measures, we will have to go through it all again in about two years or so.
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            Wow! That is fantastic that Craig did the work for no pay. Better take him out to burger monger a few times to let him know we all appreciate his efforts. Thanks Craig, you did a great job.
            In fact I would like to take him to Burger Monger too.

            The transition did go quickly for what it was and we were back up and humming along just fine the first of the week.

            Remember all of us folks over 50+ just have to struggle with change. That's why we have so much trouble dealing with Obama's Hope and CHANGE policies. I am sure we will all make the necessary adjustments to get around the site just fine. Might take a few days but it will happen.


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