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Modifying a shotgun for home defense

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  • Modifying a shotgun for home defense

    I was given 2 12 gauge shot guns that I really do not use. One is an Ithaca Model 37 which is in great shape probably manufactured in the 50s. The other is a Smith & Wesson Eastfield 12 gauge pump. . it is a pretty cheap gun and also has a poly choke on it. I am thinking about taking one of them to a gunsmith and have them saw off the barrel properly and use it for a home defense. Is this a good idea or am I wasting money? I

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    The Ithaca probably has some collector value. I would have the S&W cut to 16 1/2" and put a bead front sight on it.
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      Thanks Kurt. That's exactly what I was leaning toward. When I pick up the Ithaca it really feels good and is a nice old shotgun. Always wanted one in high school and never could afford to buy one.


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          Very nice!

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        I'd recommend a glow in the dark bead (night sight) up front. Don't want to be turning on to many lights if something goes bump in the night?


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          Good idea thanks


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