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How many carry daily

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  • How many carry daily

    How many here carry daily? I have a CWL and have carried on occasion. Just read Attorney Gutmacher’s book and feel I have a better understanding of the laws. I will add some don’t make sense but it is what it is.

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    Every day.

    A pretty sidearm in a safe that you're afraid to shoot or carry is just an expensive paperweight, and a bad one at that.

    Yes, your daily carry will get scratched and marked, especially if you actually practice with it.

    You show your shiny, expensive custom 1911 in the safe to your friends so they can be impressed.

    You carry something more useful to save your life.



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      I carry a 1911 daily and find it very useful. With the proper holster it is easy for me to carry. And .45 ACP has a lot of stopping power especially when using rounds with 600ft-lbs of force.
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        Hey, I've got nothing against 1911's. I carry a 45 in the winter season so I'm pro 45 too! (it's just not a 1911 guy in order to keep all the gun operations the same.)

        My point was that a lot of people have some really nice sidearms that they would normally NEVER carry on a daily basis and then wind up unarmed most of the month.

        I used the 1911 in my original post because most of the guys who "show" me their latest acquisition at their house have purchased the latest iteration of the 1911 base.

        They are good looking sidearms for sure.



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          My EDC is a M&P Shield 9mm. HD night stand gun is an M&P compact with a TLR 7 light.
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            If I leave the house I carry.
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              If I'm not going to the Pub, the CCW travels behind my back. Now if I want a plowman's lunch, the Glock 21 SF remains in the truck.


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                Every day...
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                  Work on a military base, so I can't.


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