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Best Ammo For Self Defense

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  • Best Ammo For Self Defense

    This survey choose my favorite self defense cartridge as the top contender.

    Lots of great choices in that top ten list.

    What is your chosen favorite??


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    I have been carrying Speer Gold Dots for 38 Special & 357 Magnum. I carry CorBon DPX for 9mm & 45 ACP. I count my blessings that I have only had to test them at the range.
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      Speer Gold Dots has been my favorite for many years. They have never let me down and I have used them in several different calibers..YMMV !
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        We use the Hornady Critical Defense. The poll I saw had it 3rd behind the HST and Gold Dot. I guess anyone of those 3 will work. Not too happy about the buck a round price, though
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          Corbon DPX in 9mm.....Federal Nyclad 125gr non +P in my S&W 642....Federal HST 230gr in my 45acp


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            i have shot a lot from Viet Nam to The Sand Pitts over a 22 year time frame, we did not have any supper bullets, but we all had shot placement down


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              Originally posted by 257 roberts View Post
              Corbon DPX in 9mm.....Federal Nyclad 125gr non +P in my S&W 642....Federal HST 230gr in my 45acp
              Always liked those federal Nyclads for the 38 special, and have them in my model 38 to this day.


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                Hornady Critical Defense is my favorite. All other things being equal,
                it literally has the word "defense" in the name. Of course, Hornady
                also makes great product.


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