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Needing an attorney after defending a home invasion

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  • Needing an attorney after defending a home invasion

    Hi all,
    New guy here, and first time gun owner. I picked up a 18" 12g shotgun for home security a while back, and I am researching all I can find on the subject. I've read the Florida laws on use of deadly and non-deadly force in defending a home invasion, but I'm a little foggy on what to expect after the fact.

    Let's say I wake up at 4am and find someone either breaking into or already in my home. Let's say I shoot this person, and he is either dead or incapacitated. First, I call 911 and report a shooting, and as I understand it, should say very little other than ID myself. I wait for the PD to arrive, and comply with whatever orders they give. They take my weapon for evidence. They start to ask me what happened, and as I have been told by on-line lawyers, I invoke my right to an attorney. I then expect to be taken the the PD for processing.

    What happens then? I do not have a defense attorney, because I have never needed one. How do I choose one at this point, detained in probably a questioning room very early in the morning? Should I talk to a defense attorney before I need one, so I can at least have a card in my wallet? I don't know, because I have never been in any kind of trouble before. Or am I overthinking this?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.

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    Here's the very first thing you should do. https://www.floridafirearmslaw.com/. Go to this web site and buy this book by Jon H. Gutmacher P.A. This gentleman has the answers for you. You can contact him at cutlaw@gmail.com.
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      Join this organization- I am a member.

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