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How do we go about adding a category?

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  • How do we go about adding a category?

    So since this Florida specific, how do we add a category like " The Cast Iron Skillet"? Now shooting & hunting are the Bread & Butter of this forum, but without a few recipes, a little Lard, or better yet Bacon Drippings folk's is going to walk away hungry. JMHO. Can we add the "Cast Iron Skillet" so folks can pass Old Florida Game Recipes & techniques to folks that just cook critters wrapped in cellophane? What's Cornbread without Jalapenos & Cream Style Corn? How hot should the peanut oil be prior to tossing in dredged egg & cornmeal catfish to fry? What's the proper way to serve Swamp Vittles? Do I got any backing or am I barking up the wrong tree?
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    Would having a Mason Jar full of Bacon Drippings be a start?
    How about what color should the flame be under your cast iron skillet?
    Perhaps a few episodes of "A Taste of History" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4249652/
    May I add to my request? Recipes anyone? I mean we cook more than we hunt nowadays, but without a skillet there ain't much in the ways of making a meal to go round. JMHO.

    Now this may sound a bit silly, but when was the last time Y'all served paper, golfballs, clay, or steel targets on the dinner table? So the basic premise for using a firearm is putting Dinner on the Table, and perhaps it's time we had a space that allowed us to share a few Southern Recipes? JMHO.
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