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270AR build completed...

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  • 270AR build completed...

    Finally finished my 270AR build. Went with a Crosshill Tech side charging upper receiver plus their Ridgeback hand guard. 18" ARP barrel. Nicely balanced AR with the power of a .260 Remington. Should make a great hog hunting rifle long distance paper puncher. Now to make the ammo since its a wildcat cartridge. The cartridges are form with Lupua 6.5x47 brass top with a .277 bullet.

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    What lower did you use? Did you use a special bolt/BCG?
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      Just realized I didn't answer your question correction. It does use a special bolt. Bolt and barrel were made AR Performance. The dies were made by Whidden. The bolt design is beefed up to handle the higher pressures generated by this round. It may be the last of them for a while. Another company has patented the bolt concept (no design) of the larger bolts and is treating lawsuits for companies making the larger AR15 style bolts. Glad I got one when I did. Bolt, barrel and dies (3 die set) cost me around $500. Everything else is standard AR15. It should make a great hog slayer after I work of the loads.

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    I used a Quentin Defense billet lower. The upper receiver is a Crosshill Tech side charging upper. Cost was $349 for a complete billet upper receiver with a 5.56 bolt, nickel finish BCG and a stainless steel handle. I really like them. I got 3 so far. Only negative, you need an allen wrench to take the bolt out of the upper receiver in order to remove the charging handle.


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      I wanted to use one of these but they were out of stock. $149 for a billet lower is hard to beat. But the finish on their lower is darker compared to Crosshill Techs so not as good of a match. But their local for me which is nice.
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        Your turning out some good looking rifles there Ed. Good luck with them all.
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          Thank you sir. Having the right tools really makes the job easier. When I built my first AR in 1994, I had no clue what I was doing. I only had a Marine Corp M16 manual as a guide. And that wasn't that much help since I didn't know much about guns and how they worked backed then. No help from You Tube or the internet since they weren't born back then.

          The quality of that build was pretty bad. First time I took it to the range, it fired off 3 rounds when I pulled the trigger. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with it since ARs weren't all the common back then. Fortunately a mechanist who was also familiar with ARs was shooting at range one day when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Turns out the gas key was out of spec and the key wasn't trapping enough gas to push the bolt carrier back far enough to reset everything. .25 part back in those days. I even still have the receipt from Quality Parts for that part.

          I still have that AR15. 20" heavy barrel with the old style upper receiver with the built-in carry handle mated to a PWA lower receiver. Those PWA lowers weren't thought of very highly back in those days. Colt and Bushmaster were the gold standard but well beyond my means. PWA eventually became Lewis Machine and Tool and that PWA lower is now worth around $800+ in a ban state. So times have changed just a little bit in the last 20 years.

          I've been thinking lately about rebuilding that AR. I never did it justice when I built it the first time due to my lack of knowledge. I'll probably go back to the original hardware and turn it into my retro AR. I'll lap the upper receiver this time around, redo my sloppy pin work plus properly torque the barrel to the proper specs. And finally get rid of the worst AR trigger I've pulled. Maybe it will even shoot well enough to brag about when it's all said and done.
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            270AR Target 3-19-16.jpg

            270AR brass.jpg

            Got to the range today and fire my first round though the 270AR. First group at 100 yards was 2.237". Last 5 shot group was a little over 1/2". This round has got potential. I hope grows in popularity. I loaded up 115 gr Nosler Custom Comp bullets in front of 38.5 grs of CFE223, CCI 41 primers and 6.5x47 Lapua brass necked up to .277. Except for bolt extractor marks on the brass, the brass looks good too. All shots were at 100 yards.
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              Photo of a 270AR next to a 5.56 round...


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