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New Bullet Storage for Reloading Bench Top

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  • New Bullet Storage for Reloading Bench Top

    Since moving to our new home I'm re-laying out my reloading bench and came up with this approach. I really like it, how do you store your bullets?

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    I store them in the makers box, segregated by caliber only. Stored on the shelf. Only the load components in process are on my bench.
    But hey it is a free country and you have a nice bench set up there.


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      Now that's what I call organized! Looks great.


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        WOW! That's one nice looking set up you have there Gunner. I store mine in the boxes they come in. Most of my bullets get loaded fairly quick. Now on the other hand I use old Army cans cleaned up and painted to store them in. I use Dillon boxes for the ones I shoot often. Good luck with that new setup.
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          Nice setup. Welcome back, good to see you posting.
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            Very neat and clean. Looks great. I just keep the original boxes stacked under my table. I pull up the one I'm working on.
            Man... I am all full of sarcasm. I should chill and find a quiet place to lay down.

            Oh wait. I will when I'm done.


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              thanks folks, just getting back into loading since moving to a new place. Loaded several hundred today and very happy with it so far. I gotta get busy since I am headed to the range every week now.

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